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Wax or Oil?

Do you prefer massage waxes or oil? For me as a practitioner, I must say that I predominantly use waxes. Why? There are a few reasons for this preference.

Firstly, I'm currently operating as a mobile therapist, which means that I am always on the move, visiting clients in their homes. Waxes are solid, so simply it means less mess. With the best will in the world, an oil will run down the bottle and leave a nice oily residue underneath and I'm not sure my clients would appreciate little oily marks left on their tabletops.

Secondly, my most popular treatment is deep tissue. I find that I can control the slip and slide better with a wax and for a deep tissue treatment where I want a little, just a little more friction, allowing me to sink deeper into those muscles. However, I can still get plenty of glide with a little more wax should the client like a gentler, sweeping massage style.

Thirdly, with a bottle of oil I either have to take out the pump and put it somewhere (covered in oil) for transportation without leakage whilst I replace the cap. The alternative being to press the pump down whilst turning it to lock it but filling my hand with oil that is no longer needed. I think you can see why wax is a winner for me.

However, when I'm receiving a massage, wax or oil makes no difference to me. It's all about the delivery.

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