Dealing with a muscle knot and what you can do to relieve it

Muscle knots can be uncomfortable and affect your general wellbeing, often caused by stress, misuse, overuse and poor posture. Ignoring them can lead to chronic pain and imbalance within the body but a few self help techniques can help to resolve this problem and keep it at bay.

1. Using a hot or cold compress can help relax the affected muscles or reduce inflammation. Use a hot water bottle, ice pack or take a warm bath.

2. Keeping mobile with exercise or stretches can help tense muscles remain flexible and reduce the chance of stiffness in the affected area. Yoga and swimming may be good options to consider.

3. Be aware of your posture, especially when sitting. Many of us slouch after a time when maintaining the same position. Be mindful of this and you will soon find that you are holding yourself more upright. It may be useful to make adaptations to your workspace if you spend long periods sitting.

4. Breathing. Remembering to breathe deeply so that your stomach inflates rather than just into your chest, which will help with relaxation. Even if you can just manage this for a few minutes at a time, it all helps.

5. Visit a massage therapist who can deal directly with these knots and who can also advise on specific stretches, lifestyle changes or other therapies that may be able to help.

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