Thai Foot Massage Worthing

A traditional Thai Foot Massage is a great option if you are looking for a therapy to help release stress. A Thai Foot Massage is often performed with a variety of relaxing natural oils, using the thumbs and hands to apply pressure. Various techniques applied to the foot and lower legs, help release pressure and release tension. A Thai Foot Massage is also a great option as it can be performed virtually anywhere, due to the limited space and tools needed. This could be in your home or other relaxing paces around Worthing. At Waves Holistic I have been performing this ancient therapy for many years in the Worthing area and have many clients who often give me a call after a stressful week at work!

If you would like more information on Thai Foot Massage massage services in Worthing or any of my offered treatments, please contact me on 07711667545 or you can message me on Facebook>>

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