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Glastonbury Festival 2023

Today I started my Glastonbury preparations, making sure my treatment space for the week is still in good working order. I've been lucky enough to be working in the healing fields since 2016 as a massage and reiki practitioner. I love music, so it's a great time for me to work in a beautiful environment whilst getting to enjoy all the joys of Glasto.

I love this time of year, fast approaching the summer solstice. Glastonbury opens its doors on solstice day. I'll be heading there the day before to set up, stopping off at Knowlton Church and Earthworks in Dorset first to share in some meditation and powerful solstice energy with other solstice loving souls.

If any of you reading this are heading to Glastonbury this year, please feel free to come and say hi and maybe indulge in a well needed massage. If you're camping at Glastonbury and carrying all your belongings, it will definitely be well needed. I'll be up in the healing fields in my lotus belle tent. Hopefully, still revelling in this glorious sunshine.

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