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New Year 2023 - Welcome to my world of massage

A bit about your therapist

I have been practising as an energy healer since 2001 and as a massage therapist since 2015. I am really passionate about natural health and how we can best preserve our health so that we can live life to our fullest. I enjoy working with people to maintain and restore their health. The joy of the work I do is that it can help people on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I love human connection and the benefits that can be reaped in both helping and being helped. I have some experience in counselling, mindfulness and I am currently training to be a medical herbalist. I also have a degree in neuroscience, which has helped me understand the human psyche from a range of angles and aids in explaining the value of my work to the more scientific. I love to have a multifaceted approach in my service, as I believe that one size does not fit all but like to think that there is something in my armoury that can help everyone.

I love being outdoors in nature and currently work from my garden retreat in a yurt where I can create a natural, nature healing space.

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